"Cancer cures neuroses"

Why do serious illnesses or accidents have this ability, frequently, to straighten the mind, to make it resume its proper functioning? The temporal dimension of the person reappears. Instead of being a perpetual present in the process of succeeding one another, existence once again provides it with a beginning, middle and end. The mind, lazily … Read more

Extrovert and introvert

Two bubbling identities Some people do not exist without a profusion of signs of existence. Collectivism. But in what direction are these signs pointed? Do they indicate a spontaneous interest of the person in the collective? Or do they force the collective to take an interest in the person? The signs are mixed. It is … Read more

Sobriety to taste all the perfumes of the world

The interest of simple habits? They form a unified, sober foundation, from which the mind appreciates the incredible diversity that surrounds it. Could it only see it, this diversity, without starting from simplicity? Probably not. It would be drowned in a complex world. Element of chaos among the others, quickly jaded of such an inconsistent … Read more

Masculine subtracted or added to the feminine?

We all have a part of masculine and feminine. Rather than opposites, they feed on each other. Those who experience one of these principles very strongly are hypersexualized. Let’s take the example of the macho: he unconsciously strangles his feminine principle, but knows how to recognize it more acutely than anyone else. He reacts powerfully … Read more

Work and oeuvre

A moment of tension My wonderful companion always receives dinner with a touch of exceptional in the atmosphere. Menu, presentation, cleanliness of the décor, everything is carefully controlled. The ambiance, in the hours before, is electrified. The whole world, around the conductor, must play her score as she sees fit. I am part of the … Read more