Nexialism: definition

A nexialist is a specialist in transdisciplinarity. A non-specialist in fact. His knowledge has no borders. On the contrary, he must explore all areas, without trying to push his expertise in any. This extra time would be missing from his other explorations. And it usually arrives in less safe terrain. The nexialist invents bridges. His … Read more

How to define philosophy?

At the pediment of the Academy Love of wisdom, science of knowledge, questioning of the nature of Man, blessed energy (Epicurus), system of knowledge (Kant), astonishment in the world (Schopenhauer), intelligence of reality (Hegel)… Definitions of philosophy are imbued with the personality of their authors. To the point of making it the place where one … Read more

Where do the fundamental forces come from?

Strong-Low-Electromagnetic-Gravitational “Four fundamental forces govern the Universe,” you read fluently in articles popularizing physics. Where does this pantheon come from? Are physicists the prophets of modern times, replacing the old gods with new ones? Revelation, in science, takes other paths. The divine mysteries, which must be believed without having seen anything, are replaced by concrete … Read more

The Third Accomplice

A very real emergence The Third Accomplice is an expression that I use to symbolize the emergence formed by a set of elements in close relation. All formed by the parties. Information with relative independence, which is binding on the parties. This notion is universal. It applies to the couple (Third associated with the two … Read more

How to get into the complex dimension

Experimenting with fundamental questions To understand life, consciousness, to know if Gaia is a living organism, all these difficult questions require first to know what complexity is. Complexity is the entanglement of simple behaviors that can take on a complicated appearance if you don’t know how to spot them. Complex entanglement is not just any … Read more

Definition: surimposition

‘Surimposition’ is a concrete notion Surimposition is the presence of multiple layers of information in a single entity. For example, a bacterium is the surimposition of an anatomical (organelles, wall), biomolecular, molecular, atomic, particulate level. Most striking levels within the boundaries of knowledge. They are not reducible to each other. The intention of a bacterium, … Read more

The trap of the mathematical universe

The relative intransigence of quantification Let’s dive into the fundamental meaning of quantification. It implies an intransigent separation between individuations. Is the nature of this separation knowable? Yes, if we can reduce individuation to parties, whose relationships create discontinuity. The separation is therefore intransigent but not irreducible. Except by adopting foundationalism, that is, to postulate … Read more