The Valentine’s Floor

Love, in oneself, takes a very large place. But then does it remain for the other, in herself too, when her image has filled the space so much? My love I have built us a floor, a vast place for us, in Whole. To live our love without stepping on our images, without being confused … Read more

Art and reality

Question turned ritual: If what we take as factual is our personal reality, and we revise its form to our liking, where is the truth ? Ritual question but worrying as ever. Providers of alternative realities besiege us. All of them want to tape us. Execrable scandals, hideous cruelties, push us towards magnificent revolts, idealized … Read more

Only ashes remain…

A closed point It seems to Sven Ortoli that mortuary cremations “lack an end point, a moment when we recognize that the door is closed. This is what happens in a cemetery, or on a pyre on the banks of the Ganges. ‘The sacred goes with the closure’, notes Régis Debray.” Many endings are missing … Read more