A disturbance called ego…

From the Casimir effect and other properties of the quantum vacuum, Vlatko Vedral shows that everything that exists comes from this vacuum, from a Nothing that is Everything, with infinite energy. What I see as a great illustration of the T<>D principle and double look:

From the point of view of an individual (Vlatko), Everything is only a disturbance of Nothing. But from the point of the collective (the vacuum), we are Nothing, nothing but a disturbance of the Everything. The universe is a pustule clinging to a tiny tear in the great Everything, a tear that we have called the Big Bang.

My God, my God !! With the terrifying shrinkages our egos are going through, does it still matter if we believe in you?
Everything is Just (a Disturbed) Nothing, Vlatko Vedral 2023

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