Feeding (5): Epistemological conclusion

Do we have to choose between contradictory analyses? A recurring problem handicaps philosophical analysis: teleological and ontological views are contradictory. They describe competing cases. If it’s genetics, it can’t be psychology. If it’s culture, it can’t be biology. Etc. The contradiction arises from an epistemology that is too horizontal: the different views are deciphered, compared, … Read more

Feeding (4): Immiscible memes

A microcosm of good size In Oceanian mythologies, the human body is the microcosm of the divine macrocosm. More representative if we give it space? The strong build is particularly appreciated by Polynesians, who engaged in ritual fattening (ha’apori). The elder children were locked in the shade in huts and fed abundantly until they made … Read more

Feeding and relationship to the body in modern societies

This series of articles studies feeding and its disorders in relation to the relationship to the body in modern societies. Obesity, anorexia, Oceanian cultural memes on the body, notion of Somma and model of the psyche to position the image of the body. In the 1st article, let’s start by filling up food. Before asking … Read more