The death drive fantasy

The It War Death wish and death drive are mistakenly confused. Very badly named in addition because they are neither desire nor impulse but solutions. Shockingly poor solutions, yes, but when you’re on a devastated battlefield, sometimes you liquidate the last opponent standing, which is yourself. A battle, that’s what it is. Battle between unconscious … Read more

Equations, cognitive biases?

Abstract: Math contains cognitive biases. To support this astonishing observation, I begin by going back in the history of mathematics. By erasing any intention within them, we have at the same time lost track of complexity and quality. These intentions exist, but are now hidden in acronyms, in particular the ‘=’ with multiple meanings. The … Read more

Me, researcher, dishonest?

Morals Test Bench Philomag’s newsletter is back in force after the summer break with a study of 1098 students in 10 countries comparing utilitarian and deontological morals. By testing students’ behavior through games of dice and sums to be won, researchers come across a counterintuitive result: those who proclaim their attachment to an intangible moral … Read more

Meaning of life: Beware the knowledge-effect

This article is an application of the double look to the meaning of life. Read the dedicated article to introduce yourself to the roles of the downward and upward looks, duplication to resolve many contradictions by putting contradiction at the heart of the essence of things. Is pessimism perverse? Does life have any meaning? An … Read more

Moral (6): Are biases stupid?

Scoop: an obese man killed by a philosophy teacher! The previous article drowned you in trolleyology. Philosophers study the moral value of our choices. Utilitarianism appears fundamentally flawed in terms of ethics. It calculates the formula of the maximum number of lives by mocking the destroyed units. It represents the pure D of the human … Read more

Does my opponent have the right to exist?

When acts scandalize me, it is easy to fall into a radicalism that denigrates the perpetrator of these acts the simple right to exist. Cruelty, terrorism, perversion, psychopathic or bureaucrat insensitivity, idolatry, how can such individuals be part of the scene? My disgust easily extends to the one who tries to explain the origin of … Read more