Should we adopt depressive realism?

More realistic pessimists Depressive realism is the balance praised by political scientist Juliane Marie Schreiber. It takes up an agreed discourse: pessimists and their attitude towards the world are the most realistic vision. They are critical, empathetic, not very sensitive to bias. While optimists, always positive and in a good mood, overestimate themselves and blind … Read more

At the theatre of oneself

Self-love One of my most desperate ideas is: If our neural patterns make an entirely personal reality, the love I feel for a person targets the representation of that made by my mind, not the real person. Self-love. From an even more reductive point of view, groups of my neurons are “fascinated” by the excitations … Read more

The igno-scholars

The retreat of the unknown What can make one aware of one’s ignorance? The unknown. The unknown draws a boundary to our individual knowledge. What if the unknown disappears? We are no longer faced with our ignorance. In our own eyes we become omniscient. Yet the unknown recedes and disappears from everyday life. The media … Read more