What is social pleasure?

Abstract: The re-hierarchization of oneself is not only beneficial for society. It is also a means of renewing the contrast that keeps our personal experiences of pleasure unforgettable. Don’t end up as aged laboratory humans Are we very different from the laboratory rats who tirelessly press their pleasure pedal, forgetting all other considerations? We have … Read more

Hedonism versus Puritanism

Blessed pedaling Hedonism consists in bathing in one’s feeling of pleasure. Recommendations abound about it. How far should you let go? The caricatural form of hedonism, in fact, is symbolized by the rat which presses tirelessly on the pedal of pleasure, perpetually busy stimulating its center of reward. Puritanism, on the other hand, represents self-observation, … Read more

Can we be lucid and happy?

The nature of mental objects Before answering this question, let us judge its relevance. Are lucidity and happiness comparable, opposable, associable? Certainly lucidity seems a brake on happiness, pointing to all the reasons to lack it. But are these concepts of the same nature? What is a mental “nature”? We admit that an emotion and … Read more