The death drive fantasy

The It War Death wish and death drive are mistakenly confused. Very badly named in addition because they are neither desire nor impulse but solutions. Shockingly poor solutions, yes, but when you’re on a devastated battlefield, sometimes you liquidate the last opponent standing, which is yourself. A battle, that’s what it is. Battle between unconscious … Read more

Hedonism versus Puritanism

Blessed pedaling Hedonism consists in bathing in one’s feeling of pleasure. Recommendations abound about it. How far should you let go? The caricatural form of hedonism, in fact, is symbolized by the rat which presses tirelessly on the pedal of pleasure, perpetually busy stimulating its center of reward. Puritanism, on the other hand, represents self-observation, … Read more

The pain is sensational

Disclaimer: This pamphlet is not intended for chronic painful patients. Another blog is dedicated to the medical. This is a philosophical reflection on pain. Fibromyalgia is cited here as a paragon of chronic pain, but the article is aimed at pain in general. It targets philosophers and caregivers, not fibromyalgia, who can be harmed by … Read more

The imperative necessity of oblivion

How would resilience be possible without forgetting? Without forgetting how something presents itself, how could it be overcome? It would present itself to me continuously, daily, the way it has always presented. I would be mired in this eternal present, which has become a past. I would be the ancestor of myself, not my perpetual … Read more

Why can’t we confront death face to face?

A question of bumpers? Philomag tackles death that comes in front of us, or that has already hit a loved one, and we can’t overcome the disaster. Generalization hides strong inequalities: some enter a state of mental decomposition and others seem unaffected. Is death an unknown virus? A new vaccine in sight? The Epicurean and … Read more

Tyrannical quantity

Free yourself from the domination of numbers Numbers are ubiquitous in the contemporary world. If they have had such success, it is because they perfectly model multiple aspects of physical reality. Numbers are a means of dominating matter. This apparent physical universality has rubbed off on our psychology. Social relations are invaded by numbers because … Read more

Taking action

Switch Charles Pépin makes a brilliant essay on How to Take Action. His advice can be summed up as follows: “Prepare to never be ready.” Certainties hinder action, disorient us if the course is not compliant. To decide is “to go there to see […] go there because we don’t know enough […] otherwise, we … Read more

Can we be lucid and happy?

The nature of mental objects Before answering this question, let us judge its relevance. Are lucidity and happiness comparable, opposable, associable? Certainly lucidity seems a brake on happiness, pointing to all the reasons to lack it. But are these concepts of the same nature? What is a mental “nature”? We admit that an emotion and … Read more

Meaning of life: Beware the knowledge-effect

This article is an application of the double look to the meaning of life. Read the dedicated article to introduce yourself to the roles of the downward and upward looks, duplication to resolve many contradictions by putting contradiction at the heart of the essence of things. Is pessimism perverse? Does life have any meaning? An … Read more