When science takes its ease with racial symbolism

Abstract: Some authors use biology to interpret questions of psychology and sociology. This is the reductionist tradition —our behaviors would emanate from our physical constitution. Cultural symbolism is sought in biology, and if it is not found there, it would be illusory. I deliberately take a polemical example, the concept of race, to show that: … Read more

Why do we wear makeup?

4 answers of philosophers proposed by Caroline Pernes on Philomag bring a 5th. Plato: a false adornment intended to conceal her true nature. Cosmetics is a “perverse, deceptive, vulgar and servile activity, which deceives by the looks it gives”. Montaigne: “The whole world is acting”. Makeup is a way of distinguishing between its social function … Read more

What is a woman?

Ariane Nicolas revisits the question of Simone de Beauvoir, 70 years later, in the stormy context of gender transidentity. “A woman, based on my own experience, I don’t know what it is,” she says. The Flying Woman Here are Ariane’s explanations: she knows that she is a woman because society has told her, in her … Read more

Non-binarism and anti-binarism

What is a non-binary? A person who refuses to declare herself in a sexual gender according to the classic female-male binarism is non-binary. In accordance with this philosophy, she should choose a neutral name, or let her relatives use a feminine or masculine declination at leisure. The person can answer for example Theo or Thea, … Read more

How it matches

Before reading Pre-review of a book that I have not yet opened. What’s the point? That of knowing if a book starts from the right base. Indeed, modern techniques for matching people are based a priori on the success of these mating. Isn’t this elementary positivism already too much? Isn’t that reducing our reach on … Read more

From universal feminism to sectarian wokism

Feminism: learning to do without the symbolic In the feminist struggle, positive discrimination has a symbolic role. Essential role at the beginning. It intervenes in a society frozen in its socio-cultural glue. Men and women have a predetermined place in it. Awakened consciences alert others to gradually back control their habits. They will never fully … Read more

Women, desire and consent

What is the history of female desire? Four eras 1) Pleasurocene: archaic epoch of the feminine condition. Raptor man. Sex governed by strict social conventions. The wife finds pleasure in marriage only by luck. Side effects: multiple infidelities, more or less tolerated depending on the time and the cultural background, allowing the woman to obtain … Read more

Masculine subtracted or added to the feminine?

We all have a part of masculine and feminine. Rather than opposites, they feed on each other. Those who experience one of these principles very strongly are hypersexualized. Let’s take the example of the macho: he unconsciously strangles his feminine principle, but knows how to recognize it more acutely than anyone else. He reacts powerfully … Read more

Gender, this obscure object of disorder

This comic by Anne-Charlotte Husson drawn by Thomas Mathieu retraces with great clarity the history of gender studies and the lively controversies they have triggered in France. I highly recommend it. A few caveats: The initial protests of conservative associations against gender studies are said to be linked to a misunderstanding of their role. False. … Read more