Genre: do non-binaries exist?

Abstract: Non-binaries exist but it is rarely the ones we hear called themselves that, which are rather anti-binaries. The distinction is important for knowing people’s true preferences, their sociability, their hidden neuroses and their true contribution to the cause of gender.

Non-bi and bi-name

A 2022 article clarified the distinction between non-binary and anti-binary. A non-binary does not recognize herself in the culturally dominant female/male binarism. The anti-binary goes further: she strongly militates against this binarism, because it naturally associates woman/female, man/male, whereas she wants to transgress this filiation.

The true non-binaries are thus the bisexuals, female and male. They also include lesbians and gay men, but they are generally the least rigorously determined. These are, for example, those who lived in a straight couple before coming out, hetero sexuality having left them dissatisfied, without generating the slightest repulsion. Non-binaries do not make their gender preference a cardinal identity mark and do not display it. They appreciate tolerance without being relentless militants to impose it.

Non-binary fakes

Impossible to see a non-binary in a transsexual, who wants to align a sex change with her gender change. She is as binary as any heterosexual. It is also difficult to see a non-binary in a transgender. To change gender is to refer to binarism, therefore to regulate one’s life on it. Life against is not emancipation.

Unsurprisingly, the personalities of non-binaries and anti-binaries are very different. The doctor does not find neuroses more marked than the average in non-binaries. There is not this high frequency of agression that characterizes the history of anti-binaries. The non-binary is sociable and transparent in heterosexual circles. Her habits make her consider at worst as an original by her neighbors and colleagues.

Gender agnostic

The non-binary is gender agnostic. Same posture as the agnostic in the atheist/theist dispute: she does not want to participate in it, considering it stupid, but that does not prevent others from wanting to force her to take sides. I recommend the stiffness of the center, that is to say, not indifference or uncertainty, but the reasoned dismissal of activists on both sides by pointing out their inconsistencies, which are numerous, between the denial of the culture influence and the denial of the genetic influence of sex.

True non-binaries and tolerant straight people represent the vast majority of the population, its least neurotic part too. If they came together in this stiffness of the center, gender wokism would have died out long ago. LGBTQQI2SAA+ would not need to claim their rights because few people would have challenged them. Without stiffness from the centre, on the other hand, letting those who want to have their ab-normality recognized… has every chance of continuing to situate transgender people as ab-normal.

An acronym still too short

This is counterproductive for the LGBTQQI2SAA+ community. It is not surprising in fact to note its terrifying heterogeneity, and the hatred which reigns between certain factions. Atmosphere easy to understand by splitting its two components, the non-binaries and the anti-binaries, the former a homogeneous gas and the latter a collection of incompatible and outraged neurotic particles.

Non-binaries find the acronym LGBTQQI2SAA+, despite its ever-improving length, still short and reductive. They would gladly add an S for Straight and thus unite everyone within humanity. These are not the ones we hear supporting the gender cause, unfortunately…


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