The world only works through misunderstanding

The misunderstanding is universal In My heart laid bare, Charles Baudelaire writes: “The world only works through misunderstanding. It is through universal misunderstanding that everyone agrees. Because if, unfortunately, we understood each other, we could never agree.” At first glance you might think that Charles has it all backwards. Aren’t those who understand each other perfectly … Read more

The bad third

The disharmonious couple Who does not know companions so poorly matched that one wonders how they could have had the idea of getting together? Worse, their shaky relationships are punctuated by crises and violence, but the worst verbal and physical fury does not prevent the angry ones from quickly sticking the pieces back. You roll … Read more

To think is to say no

The no as a conscious project? Frédéric Manzini, in the footsteps of Alain and Derrida, opposes the thought of the yes, systematic and blind, to the thought of the no, which always questions its merits. Thought refuses to acquiesce, to “give up arms”. It says no to itself to avoid its lazy transformation into a … Read more


This page brings together blog articles on artificial intelligence, its perspectives, its dangers, the way to bring it closer to humans. IA – The file (1): our concerns How do we question artificial intelligence? What does it represent? A start on how we care. IA (2): soliTary or soliDary? The supposed dangers of artificial intelligence … Read more