The bad third

The disharmonious couple Who does not know companions so poorly matched that one wonders how they could have had the idea of getting together? Worse, their shaky relationships are punctuated by crises and violence, but the worst verbal and physical fury does not prevent the angry ones from quickly sticking the pieces back. You roll … Read more

The Third Accomplice

A very real emergence The Third Accomplice is an expression that I use to symbolize the emergence formed by a set of elements in close relation. All formed by the parties. Information with relative independence, which is binding on the parties. This notion is universal. It applies to the couple (Third associated with the two … Read more

Living three

Three friends, an asymmetry Ariane Nicolas tells in Philomag a relationship between three friends that works in a particular way: Linh feels comfortable with Ariane as with Clara in isolation, while Ariane and Clara have a fluid exchange only if Linh is present. Yet it is Ariane and Clara who are the most similar. Ariane … Read more

Why this need to sometimes hate our very loved ones?

Two contradictory reasons In ‘Sur le double jeu du je t’aime‘ (‘On the double game of I love you’) Alexandre Lacroix offers two explanations for the fact of momentarily hating the people to whom we are most linked. Either we seek to regain a margin of freedom; on the contrary, we identify so much with … Read more