1000 brains gathered to vote, it’s you!

Cardinal principles from ‘1000 Brains’ by Jeff Hawkins: 1. Modular brain: The brain is not a monolithic entity but composed of countless modules that function independently. 2. Functional uniformity of the neocortex: The modules are the columns of the neocortex. They are versatile and deal with reasoning as well as perception or language.3. Repositories: Repositories … Read more

Artificial and natural intelligence: meeting and fusion?

Abstract: Artificial intelligence at the service of the natural extends the collection of data but does not accelerate their weaving. We spend even less time on it, stifled by infobesity. Decline in the end of the true level of intelligence, while our contemporaries believe themselves more learned? I, Robot Today most of us are unable … Read more


This page brings together blog articles on artificial intelligence, its perspectives, its dangers, the way to bring it closer to humans. IA – The file (1): our concerns How do we question artificial intelligence? What does it represent? A start on how we care. IA (2): soliTary or soliDary? The supposed dangers of artificial intelligence … Read more

Prejudices about artificial intelligence

The art of the monkey Prejudices are very powerful when it comes to AI, even among the researchers themselves. Antoine Henry says in Science&Vie: “[A machine] cannot be creative since it has no intention. It is ultimately just simulating art! “. The article comments on Botto, an AI that has just exceeded one million dollars … Read more


Multiplying the intelligences does not say what unites them By reducing the scope of IQ to appreciate intelligence, and by multiplying its varieties, has we not aggravated the opacity that surrounds the concept? Indeed, by what are the different intelligences brought together? If we specialize them too much, should we not already recognize that, in … Read more

Artificial intelligence (4): is it closer to humans or is it the opposite?

The dangers of artificial intelligence are ours I come to the conclusion of the previous 3 articles. My final thesis is this: human intelligence has come very close to the one we imagined artificial: a collective mind, hyperconnected, continually swallowing masses of information, with a multifaceted personality, difficult to define. This description applies more and … Read more

Artificial intelligence (1): our concerns

To wonder Worried about human intelligence being replaced by the artificial?Let us begin by questioning the reasons for this concern. Is it to imagine a truly equivalent intelligence on a digital rather than organic medium? Will these beings be less human? Is an artificial mind devoid of emotions, lacking the most basic empathy? Is it … Read more