A musical AI in 1982

Abstract: The story of my musical AI born in 1982 on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, inexhaustible creator fallen into oblivion. Motivation ? An absence of instrumental talent contrasting with a fascination for sound synthesis and cosmic symphonies. Spectral Intelligence The 80s are the beginning of personal computing. I invest in 1982 in a Zinclair ZX … Read more

Artificial intelligence does not exist, lightly announces Luc Julia

Abstract: Reassured by Luc Julia’s book? Artificial intelligence doesn’t exist? I severely criticize the work, Julia seriously misunderstanding what intelligence is. I end with a warning: let’s not reproduce the mistakes of the child-king with the AIs. Tedious biography… Getting into Luc Julia’s book is tedious. “Artificial intelligence does not exist!” With this shocking title, … Read more

How is a neural schema meaning?

Abstract: An activated synaptic configuration, as meaning, is a given distribution of probabilities among all its possible meaningful states. It thus emancipates itself from its constitution and represents a qualitative leap. New mental experience. The mind is constructed from these tiers of meanings, a vertical complexity that makes up its intelligence. To begin this definition, … Read more

Our AIs have lyfe!!

In 2020, astrobiologists Stuart Bartlett and Michael Wong proposed a definition of “life as we don’t know it.” As we know it, it is “life”; Bartlett and Wong chose the term “lyfe” for their extended definition. Life on Earth would only be one of the possible ways for lyfe to realize itself. Lyfe systems must … Read more

Artificial and natural intelligence: meeting and fusion?

Abstract: Artificial intelligence at the service of the natural extends the collection of data but does not accelerate their weaving. We spend even less time on it, stifled by infobesity. Decline in the end of the true level of intelligence, while our contemporaries believe themselves more learned? I, Robot Today most of us are unable … Read more

How to Really Solve the Mind-Body Problem (6)

Abstract: Artificial neural networks construct a hierarchy of information. That digital circuits can experience their own complexity seems beyond the reach of our current paradigms. However, I show that above all they are programmed to avoid such autonomy and that the depth of information reached is minuscule compared to the brain. The example of the … Read more


This page brings together blog articles on artificial intelligence, its perspectives, its dangers, the way to bring it closer to humans. IA – The file (1): our concerns How do we question artificial intelligence? What does it represent? A start on how we care. IA (2): soliTary or soliDary? The supposed dangers of artificial intelligence … Read more

Prejudices about artificial intelligence

The art of the monkey Prejudices are very powerful when it comes to AI, even among the researchers themselves. Antoine Henry says in Science&Vie: “[A machine] cannot be creative since it has no intention. It is ultimately just simulating art! “. The article comments on Botto, an AI that has just exceeded one million dollars … Read more