My mirror, my dog and me

The dog loves and consoles. The mirror judges. In the dog’s moving eyes, the world is empathetic, identifies with us, belongs to us instead of attacking us. In the sharp, icy mirror the world looks at us through our own eyes; it became more emancipated. This does not bother people with strong confidence, who already adore themselves; they live in mirrored houses. Those lacking confidence, more in search of empathy, of external adoration, live in dog houses.

The very confident make fun of dogs, considering them nuisances; they see mirrors as objects of art, reflecting the beauty of the world. The less confident avoid mirrors, considering them unnecessary and sometimes painful; they see dogs as sensitive beings, capable of divining the true soul of things.

All this reflects our relationship to the world, I postulated from the outset. Am I an individual more than part of the world? So I have a world to conquer and I appreciate that the mirror reflects a conquering image. Am I more part than individuation? So I have to blend into the world, feel integrated into it, and it’s the company of other supportive parties that I appreciate.

The mirror slices and the dog’s tongue sticks. Two very different relationships in the world…


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