Artificial intelligence does not exist, lightly announces Luc Julia

Abstract: Reassured by Luc Julia’s book? Artificial intelligence doesn’t exist? I severely criticize the work, Julia seriously misunderstanding what intelligence is. I end with a warning: let’s not reproduce the mistakes of the child-king with the AIs. Tedious biography… Getting into Luc Julia’s book is tedious. “Artificial intelligence does not exist!” With this shocking title, … Read more

More beautiful the story

Abstract: We have always loved good stories, says Aristotle Array to reconnect us with conspiracy theorists. The problem, I retorted, is that today we no longer know how to differentiate the real good stories from the fake ones, under the pressure of relativism and a certain weakening of the level of education. “I don’t understand … Read more

The End of History, 30 Years Later

Abstract: What verdict for the ‘End of History’ announced 30 years ago by Francis Fukuyama? Far from having come to a standstill, political regimes continue their cycle, including democracy with a shift towards anarchy, renamed ‘peoplecracy’. Basically, it is a steady pendulum swing between individualism and collectivism that ends up undermining any type of regime … Read more

How to react to the exceptional?

“What would I have done in their place?” Sven Ortoli wonders as he walks the streets of Pompeii. Flee or stay as Vesuvius begins to agitate? The locals have never experienced or heard of an eruption. No scientific model. What to decide from scratch? Finding the right start Unfortunately, Sven does not know the UniPhiM1the … Read more

Alone in the Universe??

Abstract: Some predict that we are alone in the Universe, others that life is commonplace. Why so much discrepancy? It stems from a misunderstanding of complexity, and who observes, the Simple or the Complex. Is infinity big enough? Jean-Pierre Bibring, astrophysicist at Paris-Saclay and looking like a reincarnated Einstein, makes a discouraging or reassuring prediction, … Read more

Decline of science fiction and burial in the present

“Science fiction often presents humanity as a single entity: the crises and challenges they present must be faced collectively. This is why science fiction frequently conveys humanistic ideals and shared aspirations, such as “harmony in difference” and “unity in diversity”. Liu Cixin, SF author Technological and literary take-off My generation of boomers is the generation … Read more

Life exists only on Earth?

Youhouuu!! The debate about the existence of life elsewhere in the universe is akin to the controversy over the existence of God. Some believe in it as hard as iron, others consider it impossible. Surprising! The hypothesis of a life elsewhere is however more accessible to the scientific approach. We now understand better the formation … Read more

The imperative necessity of oblivion

How would resilience be possible without forgetting? Without forgetting how something presents itself, how could it be overcome? It would present itself to me continuously, daily, the way it has always presented. I would be mired in this eternal present, which has become a past. I would be the ancestor of myself, not my perpetual … Read more

Taking action

Switch Charles Pépin makes a brilliant essay on How to Take Action. His advice can be summed up as follows: “Prepare to never be ready.” Certainties hinder action, disorient us if the course is not compliant. To decide is “to go there to see […] go there because we don’t know enough […] otherwise, we … Read more