A musical AI in 1982

Abstract: The story of my musical AI born in 1982 on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, inexhaustible creator fallen into oblivion. Motivation ? An absence of instrumental talent contrasting with a fascination for sound synthesis and cosmic symphonies. Spectral Intelligence The 80s are the beginning of personal computing. I invest in 1982 in a Zinclair ZX … Read more

Why do we wear makeup?

4 answers of philosophers proposed by Caroline Pernes on Philomag bring a 5th. Plato: a false adornment intended to conceal her true nature. Cosmetics is a “perverse, deceptive, vulgar and servile activity, which deceives by the looks it gives”. Montaigne: “The whole world is acting”. Makeup is a way of distinguishing between its social function … Read more

Unborn black

On the occasion of the death of Pierre Soulages, “researcher of the ultrablack”, Cédric Enjalbert praises “black romanticism”, this sensitivity that allows the shadow part in us to be expressed. He quotes Edmund Burke in his Philosophical Research on the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and the Beautiful, in 1757: “All that is … Read more

Art and reality

Question turned ritual: If what we take as factual is our personal reality, and we revise its form to our liking, where is the truth ? Ritual question but worrying as ever. Providers of alternative realities besiege us. All of them want to tape us. Execrable scandals, hideous cruelties, push us towards magnificent revolts, idealized … Read more

Prejudices about artificial intelligence

The art of the monkey Prejudices are very powerful when it comes to AI, even among the researchers themselves. Antoine Henry says in Science&Vie: “[A machine] cannot be creative since it has no intention. It is ultimately just simulating art! “. The article comments on Botto, an AI that has just exceeded one million dollars … Read more