Courage under the microscope

What is courage? Is it only a matter of context? Not just. Even if we easily see cowardice everywhere, we know how to recognize the exceptions: those who will show courage in all circumstances. What do these resistance fighters have in common? Courage is a mixture: survival instinct, controlled fear, danger faced, idealized self. Things … Read more

Moral (3): depth of information – The complex dimension

Evolution and depth of information Have you understood how Surimposium works? Any concept explanation can be deepened towards the bottom of the complex dimension. What do we find in descending the origin of morality in this way? Some authors have ventured there: John Mayfield, Jean-Paul Delayahe. They argue that evolution in biology is an increase … Read more

Moral (2): biotechnology and precaution – The temporal dimension

Eradicate all traces of smallpox? The smallpox virus still exists in 2 known labs, one American and one Russian. Should we make all traces of its existence disappear? Does the devastation that a life form has caused in humans justify its total and definitive eradication? Could it redeem itself one day, manipulated wisely? Difficult ethical … Read more

Moral (1): Good and Bad – The Human Dimension

Disabled card Roselyne is an elderly lady who gets tired when walking. She still drives but parking in the shopping area is difficult. She prefers to restock by foot, dragging her shopping cart. One day, exhausted, she collapses on the sidewalk. In the emergency room, the doctor does not diagnose any disorder other than fatigue. … Read more

3 dimensions of morality

Let’s approach morality here through 3 complementary dimensions: The human dimension, illustrated by a disabled parking card story. Morality is a matter of adjustment between individual and collective interest. ‘Good’ is etymologically the one who ennobles himself, who raises his mind above his egotistical condition. But achieving this is no longer a matter of personal … Read more