Feeling and knowing, by Antonio Damasio

Finally something new? I grasped Antonio Damasio’s latest book with great excitement. Judge instead! In subtitle: “Making minds conscious“. What could be more enticing for the one who has been waiting for the explanation for a very long time, desperate to the point of having developed his own theory? I dive. I soon become disillusioned. … Read more

Decryption: the intention

How do our mental representations become intentions? For a materialist scientist, sensory data transformed into mental patterns is not a hard problem. Neurons modify the tree structure of dendrites and synaptic values to establish a symbolic code of the objects presented to the senses. The sight of an apple activates a specific pattern. The brain … Read more

The brain, this fabulator

Holes in experience are intolerable The section of the corpus callosum, this thick neural cable that unites the two cerebral hemispheres, has been performed in very severe forms of epilepsy. Side effect: the operated person ends up with two effector consciousnesses. Right and left hemibody are potentially autonomous. But they are still firmly attached, along … Read more

Awakening, consciousness, synchronization

Awake without being conscious? It is possible. Situation of the epileptic in grand mal seizure. He is apparently awake but absent, uncontrolled, left to autonomous muscle spasms. Conversely, consciousness is impossible without awakening. These statements attribute to consciousness two additional conditions, in addition to awakening: 1) Mind control over the body and the environment. 2) … Read more


Multiplying the intelligences does not say what unites them By reducing the scope of IQ to appreciate intelligence, and by multiplying its varieties, has we not aggravated the opacity that surrounds the concept? Indeed, by what are the different intelligences brought together? If we specialize them too much, should we not already recognize that, in … Read more