Genomium: The genome as a complex attractor

Complex attractors ground levels of reality

In Surimposium I present the complexity of reality as an independent dimension. Just as 3D space defines points around which material objects orbit, the complex dimension is endowed with attractors melting levels of reality, around which complex entities gravitate.

Sometimes the level is rigorously defined and all entities are positioned on the attractor. This is the case, for example, of the subatomic level. There are very few free quarks, except in very energetic furnaces. The others are assembled into subatomic particles, protons and neutrons. Complex attractor particularly imperative. The neighboring levels, quantum ‘vacuum’ and atomic nucleus, are strongly impacted by this authoritarian attractor. Its presence imposes itself at a great distance in the complex dimension, melting the Materium, pile of levels constituting matter. Properties and functions attached to elements in these levels are extremely similar from one entity to another.

Ideals are the mental attractors

At the other end of the complex dimension, psychological memes revolve around ‘ideal’ concepts that don’t actually exist. Each mind owns its version. The ideal attractor is virtual, never reached, concretized only by the cloud of individual concepts centered on it. The psychological properties of the mental levels are similar but never identical. Their stack founds a Stratium, a mind of which each different copy creates a wide diversity in the human species.

DNA, an intermediate attractor

DNA is an excellent example of an intermediate attractor. Located in the middle of the complex dimension, it is both strongly defined by its molecular constitution, an assembly of purine bases, and blurred by its interactions with neighboring levels, free biomolecules and epigenetics.

The above level of the purine chain is the gene,a sequence fragment whose beginning and end are reported to the translators of the information. Next level:epigenetics. The sequence is spatially organized into a long double helix, susceptible to reploiments and deployments that mask or update elements of the sequence. Translators can then access it. Active or inactive genetic function. While the properties of genes are similar, their function appears or disappears at the epigenetic level.

This regulation operates under the influence of context at different levels of complexity of the organism, from metabolism to psychology. Of course consciousness does not directly control epigenetics. Neuro-hormonal and biochemical retrocontrols are involved, staged in the complex dimension.

The Genomium

DNA is a level of organization in itself, but also a complex attractor in this building that we could call Genomium. The DNA strand is not the only carrier of heredity. The cellular contents of the sperm and especially the egg, as well as the free genetic material and organelles (mitochondria), contain information that can modify the reading of the DNA. They thus participate in its epigenetic modulation.


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