Who or what created everything?

The world is incredibly complex

Not only are we extremely mentally diverse beings, but our constitution is just as complex. Reading an article about cellular machinery you ask yourself: How does it all hold up? By what miracle does the metabolism not become chaos? And above all, how could such a sophisticated process be built “by chance”, if it is believed to be spontaneous, that appeared without external intention?

The idea seems so absurd that religions still affiliate the majority of minds. A Great Creator is an explanation that can be assimilated by all. It represents the power of intention, no matter how it managed to chisel this incredible reality. God symbolizes control,as opposed to chance. Control seems much more competent than chance to build, order, assemble the pieces of the universe puzzle. Is this the case?

What is the explanation of control worth?

To judge this, let’s look at the most accomplished experts in control to date: ourselves. In the ‘we’, I pretentiously integrate all human brains hosting knowledge superior to mine. What is Humanity, the closest version of the Great Creator whose existence is certain to us, capable of? Humanity understands, explains and reproduces an increasing number of phenomena. Does it have full control over any of them? No, not really. Think. We control phenomena with others. Systematic use of instruments. Including our body, which we cannot claim to have full control of. We are on board. Countless automatisms make it possible to use it without forming a particular intention. No phenomenon, whether it is the properties of an object, a biological or mental element, is known to us in its entirety up to its most fundamental mechanisms. These remain hypothetical. Our control is a retro-control, perched on top of a pre-existing complexity that we can only represent.

Our intentions are retrocontrols

The mind is shaken with surprises when it discovers the physical reality of the objects it uses daily, natural phenomena that it has observed since the dawn of time. You don’t need total control over them to make them allies. Just model a few aspects of how they work. A few physical retro-controls placed in the right place and the object or phenomenon influences its course to join our prediction.

The range of our predictions is limited

Even with a rigorous scientific model, its validity is limited by the stability of the context. Ultimately the scientist postulates the stability of the ‘natural laws’ to install his logic. It takes a pre-existing order to build the next ones. Even then, the aspects found by the order over time become unpredictable, inevitably. Science is stuck between two unknowns, hypothetical origin and uncertain future. Only a slice of reality is accessible to us.

Humanity, the best universal engineer available, is surprised by both its past and its future. Root and vertex of the complex dimension disappear into the blur. Above all, we have no reason to think that the situation will change for our successors. Certainly we decipher the reality at a forced pace to enlarge the slice where our retro-controls operate. But there is nothing to suggest that it is possible to reach any ultimate end, foundation or intention. Only a few very personal convictions animate a contrary discourse. None of these believers has access to a globality external to reality. Convictions located inside,in a tiny slice. What value?

God’s skills are unreachable

Humanity, as the closest approximation to the Great Creator, apprehends and retrocontrols a fraction of what exists, without hope of encompassing it. Religions, to remain consistent, keep an impenetrable mystery between God and us. Science sends its probes into the mystery without being able to dissipate it entirely. God is no more accessible than chance. Both are definitely out of our reach.

In what way, then, can they serve our understanding? The role of the concept of ‘God’ is the easiest to grasp. It allows you to better understand yourself. God is the ideal presiding over our intentions. It’s not easy to analyze all of our reactions. We are able to surprise ourselves. Let’s start by explaining our own desires. God is in a way the one who has understood everything about himself since he is ‘everything’. Its value as a collective leadership is valuable. Religions have not always put it on the right track, but the mere possibility of the tracks is a weapon against chaos. Note that ‘God’ strengthens our intention, allows us to understand and reorient it, but contains no explanation. Unacceptable to the non-believer.

How can chance give birth to intention?

The concept of chance is more difficult. How can he manufacture order, and ultimately intention? It took several centuries of patiently woven science, with remarkable acceleration on the last one, to provide an answer. The processes we group under the term ‘chance’ perpetually explore their relationships. They stumble upon stable results. Creation of a temporal permanence, sometimes impressive (a proton lasts 1031 years). Between these organizations that have become ‘elements’ appear relations of higher order. A new plan of reality has formed. Materialization of the complex dimension. Any identical relational context will reproduce the same organization. Here chance becomes a draft of intention. The stacking of levels of reality thickens this intention by making it more complex, more integrative, more fragile too. This is the story told by Surimposium,leading to the power of our mental representations.

‘Chance’ to explain and ‘God’ to experience

In this direction the intention is explained but not experienced. It takes ‘chance’ to explain and ‘God’ to experience. Among non-believers, ‘God’ is conscious self-observation. We have reappropriated God. But this does not make disappear what it symbolizes. We need a higher intention to understand conscious experience. This is the concept of the ‘double look’. Neither the ontological nor the teleogical look of consciousness is reducible to each other.

Let’s go back to the problem of who or what created all of this. Everything works out! It is no longer necessary to refer to a Great Creator definitively isolated in his mystery, very little human finally for this reason. Humanity is no longer his supposed daughter. Here they are rid of the obligation of total control, to succeed the Great Creator, so that everything can be explained. Humanity resumes its role as an observer. They can experience the moment, be surprised, be amazed by the past and the future, retro-control things, show curiosity for what escapes them. They regains their freedom,because to possess a free will one must be surrounded by the unknown. The intention exists only within a choice of possibilities and not within a solution that has arrived. The intention is born in the matter on the precariousness of the solutions found and not only in their stability.

Chance organizes, let’s retro-control to savor

We have randomly reallocated the responsibility of organizing the essence of things,their integral reality. Reality has been self-constituted. We are on board. Let’s take advantage of our status as a 1st class passenger to appreciate all the flavors of the universe crossed. The atoms, in the furnace of the engine room, are less comfortably seated.


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