Equality in the operating room

Abstract: Let’s dissect Equality, which is an ideal and not an ontological principle, to see what we must keep from it: the right to importance, access to knowledge and travel. I explain how the egalitarian ideal tends to vitiate these fundamental principles, particularly in the constitution of expertise in science, confused with scientific research. The … Read more

SEX and GENDER summary

Abstract: The sex/gender duo is controversial. I present the general line of the blog, anti-partisan —it criticizes the denial of gender as well as the excesses of wokism about it. Then are summarized and listed in preferential reading order the blog articles on gender, sex, feminism and related activism. The general line followed: Let’s run … Read more

The reason relativized by Dan Sperber

Good interview with Dan Sperber in Philomag Synthesis of the ideas of this little-known author: 1) The opposition between nature and culture of Lévi-Strauss is to be qualified. The mind is not a blank page on which cultural knowledge would be inscribed. It is structured in a complex way from birth. 2) The epidemiology of … Read more