Anti-note activism

The grading of students is regularly criticized. As a result, this method of evaluation will gradually disappear in favour of controlling the acquisition of knowledge. Can we completely replace one with the other? I will show that the anti-note discourse is blind, obscuring the presence of the social collective. Is the grading reductive? The first … Read more

What is a genius?

“Talent hits a target that no one else can reach; the genius hits a target that no one else can see.”Arthur Schopenhauer Innate and acquired knowledge No one has the time and the means to unravel the history of science. We are forced to take for granted most of the knowledge used on a daily … Read more

Sociology: Transclasses

Excellent interview with Chantal Jaquet about social classes on Philomag. Here is the augmented summary: Classes and transclasses The notion of ‘social class’, like any categorization, seeks to oppose different situations, economic (poor and rich), cultural (local and immigrant), intellectual (level of education), professional, symbolic (bear the name of Rothschild or Dupont). Deep social reality … Read more