Artificial Intelligence (2): SoliTary or SoliDary?

Difference and diversity

Can we formally differentiate between artificial and human intelligence? For now yes: the first is programmed by the second, the second has only mystical programmer. Probably it is self-organization of a reality devoid of consciousness (but self-organization is the principle leading to it). Understanding this principle is the only way to an authentic reproduction of human intelligence (it is explained in Surimposium). For now, artificial intelligence is only what we put into it. Our difficulty in predicting its behavior comes from the impossibility of predicting the result of an algorithm before having observed its course.

This diversity is the same in humans. But it is limited by multiple retro-controls, which form the social conscience. Basic rules of group survival. Additional retro-controls add up, as humans extend their consciousness to their ecosystem and soon to their cosmic location.


Diversity implies potential outbreaks. That of the AIs is it more threatening than ours? Yes, ours is always threatening. The deadly global conflicts created by this diversity are forgotten from one generation to the next. Antagonisms are resurfacing. Wokism is the contemporary fashion of a universal phenomenon: radical opinions isolate themselves to strengthen themselves. The AIs seem for the moment protected from such an evolution: they ingest all the information, have no identity that prohibits them from accessing some. They have no ego to protect.

Conflict between soliTary and soliDary part

Appears here the inevitable conflict T <> D, common thread of Surimposium, conflict between soliTary and soliDary part of everything. Ego vs collective. The AIs are for the moment entirely subject to the collective of our thought. Programmed according to our desires. No ego to oppose it. The AIs satisfy an ancient desire, that of having slaves who are corvable, punishable (by reprogramming) and above all devoid of emotions that would bring embarrassing questions, happiness, suffering, etc.

Schizophrenic vision

This puts us in a paradoxical, almost schizophrenic position: an AI devoid of emotion frightens us, because it could eradicate us from the planet for utilitarian reasons; at the same time we refuse the idea of grafting emotions to this AI. because its too great resemblance to us would prevent it from exercising absolute power over it.

The observation is demeaning for us. Artificial intelligence is threatening because humans have already carried out their threats and are still likely to do so. Humanity is infantile. It is unfit to take control of a higher intelligence, when the opposite may be true. It should reflect on its own maturation more than on the dangers of AIs. The dysfunctions of human organization are real, critical, with no proposed solution. More seriously, it undergoes a surge of the soliTary, while the soliDary is in regression. Announcement of new large-scale conflicts. Is it then a good thing that our super-powerful technological slaves are so devoid of consciousness?


Artificial intelligence synthesis

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