The interest of pain

Pain is an exciting topic for the philosophy of mind. Its reality and meaning are redefined in this article on the frequent confusion between pain-injury and pain-repair:

Abstract: Pain-repair is often confused with pain-injury. However, the attitudes to follow are very different. In search of the meaning of our feelings, let us not forget that their interpretation is conscious but their creation is bodily. To regain their property is to say “This body is mine”. Indeed, this property is lost today in information networks where the drowned brain abandons it to foreign interpretations. It then traps itself in a medical labyrinth from which it could get out by a very simple way: reconnect with the detail of its bodily sensations. A sedentary lifestyle promotes disconnection and reduces the meaning of sensory signals. Pain is useful to physical assets, necessary brake after injury, strengthening if limits are exceeded. This discrimination does not exist among the sedentary. Faced with stationary pain in the absence of activity, she thinks she is the victim of a hidden lesion.

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  1. Upon reading the summary of this post, I was confused. Terms such as pain-injury and pain-repair are new to me. Will read your abstract before further comment. Thanks!


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