Stratium (theory of mind)

Abstract: Stratium is a theory of mind as a multi-tiered system adding layers of meaning. There is no homunculus to read the result, making it necessary to say that these levels themselves read their constitution and “thicken”, degree by degree, the phenomenon called “consciousness”. To this teleological and functional theory is added an ontological theory, showing how the networks are anatomically concentrated at the base of the neural hierarchy, and very dispersed at the upper levels. ‘Stratium’ is a contraction of ‘strata’ and ‘atrium’.

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Feeling and knowing, by Antonio Damasio

Finally something new? I grasped Antonio Damasio’s latest book with great excitement. Judge instead! In subtitle: “Making minds conscious“. What could be more enticing for the one who has been waiting for the explanation for a very long time, desperate to the point of having developed his own theory? I dive. I soon become disillusioned. … Read more

Telecracy vs. Ontocracy

If there is an example of monumental crash among sociological prophets, it is the offensive against telecracy. As recently as 2006, Bernard Stiegler published ‘The Telecracy Against Democracy‘, in which he castigates the influence of the public on politics, replacing true public opinion. He denounces politics as resigning in the face of television, refusing to … Read more

Teleological blindness

Teleology and pseudo-ontology Teleology is looking at things by their purpose. It is not the direct causal meaning, that is: the elements in relation are the origin and cause the result. In teleology the starting point is the result. The elements are only the intermediaries to achieve this. Inescapably. Teleology is characteristic of the mind. … Read more

Downward and upward thinking: what are the differences?

Alien views on life « Life oscillates like a pendulum, from right to left, from suffering to boredom: these are the two elements of which it is made. » Schopenhauer’s description of life is certainly not what a biologist would make of it. Nor that of an ordinary person and rather satisfied with life, against … Read more

Double look (definition)

Two directions in the complex dimension The double look is a fundamental notion about how our mind apprehends reality. About everything are separated two approaches: 1) How was the thing constituted? 2) How does the thing appear in the context in which it is formed? Considering everything as structured, these looks are two directions of … Read more