From “if” to “and if”

In the face of the unacceptable, the mind flees into a better world through a series of “if…”. The longer the sequence, the more unreal the new universe. Some people take refuge there and are completely absent from the collective reality. Unsurpassable mourning, mythomania.

Why do some find comfort in the imagination, which facilitates reintegration into reality, while others get lost in myth? What is the danger of “if…” ? The underlying reasons are of course psychological and not semantic. But semantics sums up what happens in depth:

The one who will return to reality uses “and if…”. The difference seems minimal and yet this “and” is essential. It continues to bring real and imaginary neighbors. The mind on the verge of breaking can weave as many “if…” whether it wishes, there is always a similar “and” next to it that constantly connects to reality.

The fantasy has shifted from reality but has not abandoned it. Fantasy is not an isolated world but an additional room to reality. The door works both ways. If you build other rooms in a row, the “and” serves as a breadcrumb trail. It is a universal key.

While by chaining only “if…”, it is impossible to go back. The spirit isolates itself in its myth, becomes a Minotaur, at least disturbing and possibly monstrous to others. What should we do? Join the person in her myth – the teleporter is empathy – and patiently bring her back to reality, accepting her “if…” and by attaching our “and” to them each time.

“And if…” you continue to read this blog, will your head fill with additional rooms, while keeping a human appearance?


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