Masculine subtracted or added to the feminine?

We all have a part of masculine and feminine. Rather than opposites, they feed on each other. Those who experience one of these principles very strongly are hypersexualized. Let’s take the example of the macho: he unconsciously strangles his feminine principle, but knows how to recognize it more acutely than anyone else. He reacts powerfully to both principles. Fascinated like a butterfly by the light of the opposite principle.

A growing sexual neutrality is now starving social relations. Unfortunate side effect of the just feminist struggle. The reason is simple: the activists wanted to appropriate a masculine principle as dominant as that of men, without men deigning to acquire a feminine principle as pervasive as that of women. Cultural collapse of the feminine, the collectivist principle. Emergence of the unisex society of each-for-oneself. Dismay of the machos, terribly aware of this loss, but unable to revive the principle in themselves.

To avoid the extinction of the male is to assimilate in oneself the female when it becomes scarce around. Without this effort, hyposexuality looms over us, men as well as women. It becomes easy to apply any gender label. All brains seem to be of the same variety.


SEX and GENDER synthesis

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