Gender, this obscure object of disorder

This comic by Anne-Charlotte Husson drawn by Thomas Mathieu retraces with great clarity the history of gender studies and the lively controversies they have triggered in France. I highly recommend it. A few caveats: The initial protests of conservative associations against gender studies are said to be linked to a misunderstanding of their role. False. … Read more

For or against political parties?

Antagonism over political parties Weil is opposed to Kelsen in this debate about philomag. The first vilifies the parties, “leprosy that prevents men from converging towards the just and the true.” For the second, “the ideal of a general interest superior to the interests of groups, is a metaphysical illusion”. Both are partially right. The … Read more

Is science real ontological knowledge?

Ontological knowledge is not what it seems In this article I use 3 epistemic notions to show how our mind apprehends reality per se and why it is always only an approximation: –The double look: one part of the mind simulates the processes of the real(Real pole),another has intention(Spirit pole). Upward and downward looks exchanged … Read more

Can we extinguish the controversy between determinism and indeterminism?

Abstract: Indeterminism has come to upset our representation of the world. Quantum theory shakes the assurance of the layman… but reinforces that of the physicist, who sees the world through equations. The theory shows a perfect example of ontological emergence, which questions the fundamental character of ‘elementary’ forces. The article suggests that there are only configurational forces throughout the complex dimension. The notion of probability is revisited. Probable states become real in an independent level of reality. Microscopic and macroscopic each have their existence. The two are inseparable and start a direction of look towards each other. In the upward direction, complexity self-constitutes indeterministically. In the downward direction, it is constituted deterministically. The opposition between determined and indeterminate reality dissolves.

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What is reality?

My reality is the true one Am I living in “the” reality or in “my” reality? Over 99% of humanity today uses the first choice or ignores the question. Even if I am a philosopher and neuroscientist, perfectly aware that everyone lives in their personal reality, I do not take it into account on a … Read more

What's between us?

Our ties are surimpositions of concepts What’s between us? Question asked to Parisians on the façade of the Pompidou Center by the artist Tim Etchells. Octave Larmagnac-Matheron studies it in Philomag. He sees between us language, ethics, politics, cosmos. However, just as energy surveys list its forms without saying what it is in substance, Octave … Read more

What would an effective ecology be?

The flaws of an anarchist ecology What about the ecologist galaxy? It has its scientists, its spokesmen, its parties, its extremists. No governance. Undoubtedly its major handicap in the face of highly structured mega-industries. Lack of direction that leaves opponents’ lines in the running. Some, radical, cause great harm to the movement. Serene anarchism in … Read more

What is the double look?

Two directions in the complex dimension The double look is a fundamental notion about how our mind apprehends reality. About everything are separated two approaches: 1) How was the thing constituted? 2) How does the thing appear in the context in which it is formed? Considering everything as structured, these looks are two directions of … Read more

What is feminine and masculine?

From frank genetic dualism to gender blurring We know a frank dualism, female/male, genetic sex. He founded a complex organization leading to the adult human. On this floor the dualism woman / man is more blurred. It may have reversed, or created intermediate categories. Gender has replaced sex. Without being completely independent. So what is … Read more

Birth rate and climate crisis

Accurate data but a suspicious interpretation Is population growth one of the time bombs that threaten the planet? No, says Marie Degrémont in La Recherche. “The states with the highest fertility are also those with the lowest per capita CO2 emission rate.” But I have a hard time finding coherence in Mary’s projections. India and … Read more