Series writer: the executor of great works

Is there worse engeance than the series scripwriter? Has literary idols been trained more deadly assassins? Not. The buffoon is cold, efficient, fully in accordance with its mold. Proud of his massacre, even, watching the donkeys chew the remains of the work. The most desperate thing, is it the targeted viewer content with his cinematic … Read more

Persuasion < nudge > manipulation

Persuade or manipulate, a clear border To persuade is to give the individual ownership of his actions. To manipulate is to steal it from him. Today the border is erased by mass manipulation, which makes it possible to ignore persuasion. Why waste time making a consciousness think about the right action to take when it … Read more

Telecracy vs. Ontocracy

If there is an example of monumental crash among sociological prophets, it is the offensive against telecracy. As recently as 2006, Bernard Stiegler published ‘The Telecracy Against Democracy‘, in which he castigates the influence of the public on politics, replacing true public opinion. He denounces politics as resigning in the face of television, refusing to … Read more

The igno-scholars

The retreat of the unknown What can make one aware of one’s ignorance? The unknown. The unknown draws a boundary to our individual knowledge. What if the unknown disappears? We are no longer faced with our ignorance. In our own eyes we become omniscient. Yet the unknown recedes and disappears from everyday life. The media … Read more

How will the metaverse transform us?

Philomag looks at this disturbing question in a philosophical press review. How old is the metaverse? For Gabrielle Halpern, the virtual duplication of our reality responds to a fantasy, that of a world that obeys entirely our will. We are interested in the metaverse not because reality is boring but because we refuse its unpredictability,” … Read more

Why did I leave QUORA?

What is Quora used for? Quora’s formative qualities are undeniable, but not in the proclaimed sense. Do the Quorans have clearer ideas? Absolutely. Do they increase their knowledge? It is more doubtful. The gain of knowledge is based on the presence of experts. Does Quora’s algorithm effectively highlight them? Not really. The Quorans self-select the … Read more