Hospital: the great existential void

Stagnation of meaning? No cash value Willingly critical debater of our friends at Philosophie Magazine, I must today sing the praises of Octave Larmagnac-Matheron for his remarkable article on the crisis of the public hospital. Everything is there. Based on the foresight of Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist, Octave remarkably clarifies the “loss of meaning”, … Read more

Egodemocrat: the imposture

Non-democrats in democracy Neologisms are convenient, I create my share of them. But is “egodemocrat”, that of Eric Thiers, well found? Not only is there a very precise term for what it describes: anarchist. But ‘egodemocrat’ is a decoy, a sneaky, a contradiction in itself. An egodemocrat is indeed not a democrat. He is a … Read more

Living three

Three friends, an asymmetry Ariane Nicolas tells in Philomag a relationship between three friends that works in a particular way: Linh feels comfortable with Ariane as with Clara in isolation, while Ariane and Clara have a fluid exchange only if Linh is present. Yet it is Ariane and Clara who are the most similar. Ariane … Read more

The clientelist and the collectivist

Two very different personalities I recounted the spectacular Martinez-Peres affair in Noumea, a clash of egos at first sight. In second sight the personalities are very different: a clientelist opposed to a collectivist. Unusual outcome: the collectivist killed the clientelist. Let’s take a closer look at these two types of characters, often confused. The clientelist … Read more

Courage under the microscope

What is courage? Is it only a matter of context? Not just. Even if we easily see cowardice everywhere, we know how to recognize the exceptions: those who will show courage in all circumstances. What do these resistance fighters have in common? Courage is a mixture: survival instinct, controlled fear, danger faced, idealized self. Things … Read more

Sociology: Transclasses

Excellent interview with Chantal Jaquet about social classes on Philomag. Here is the augmented summary: Classes and transclasses The notion of ‘social class’, like any categorization, seeks to oppose different situations, economic (poor and rich), cultural (local and immigrant), intellectual (level of education), professional, symbolic (bear the name of Rothschild or Dupont). Deep social reality … Read more

Telecracy vs. Ontocracy

If there is an example of monumental crash among sociological prophets, it is the offensive against telecracy. As recently as 2006, Bernard Stiegler published ‘The Telecracy Against Democracy‘, in which he castigates the influence of the public on politics, replacing true public opinion. He denounces politics as resigning in the face of television, refusing to … Read more

Women, desire and consent

What is the history of female desire? Four eras 1) Pleasurocene: archaic epoch of the feminine condition. Raptor man. Sex governed by strict social conventions. The wife finds pleasure in marriage only by luck. Side effects: multiple infidelities, more or less tolerated depending on the time and the cultural background, allowing the woman to obtain … Read more

How will the metaverse transform us?

Philomag looks at this disturbing question in a philosophical press review. How old is the metaverse? For Gabrielle Halpern, the virtual duplication of our reality responds to a fantasy, that of a world that obeys entirely our will. We are interested in the metaverse not because reality is boring but because we refuse its unpredictability,” … Read more