Hierarchy summary

Sequence: I begin by showing the disastrous consequences of a dissolution of the hierarchy, as is the current trend. Society takes on the appearance of an octopus whose central brain has been destroyed. The tentacles are stirring on their own, without any consultation. The organism dies because everyone runs after a fish, missing them all.

Short-term solution: keep the hierarchy but base it on real skills, make it permeable to new talents, inscribe a counter-power on each floor.

Future: integrating hierarchy into everyone’s mind. Use its power as effectively as when we delegate it to a specialist. To become a real collective of managers with not identical but comparable means.

This development requires significant resources that we do not currently have. Lack of mental space. Lack of time to evolve all the solutions, make a relevant personal synthesis even with specialists. Problem of self-evaluation, our inner judge always tends to overestimate our abilities.

For now, the collective remains more efficient by dedicating specialized tasks to the most remarkable brains and aligning others with their findings.

Recommended reading order:

PROvax or ANTIvax?
The hierarchy is radically challenged. Democracy has become anarchy. Direct and indirect deaths (caused by the lockdown of public debate created by antivax radicalism).

Representation, in politics and elsewhere
Why representing and represented are two different actors, and why they create a third

How can we exercise our power without hierarchy?
The central article. How can we exercise our power without an administrative hierarchy? Is true participatory democracy possible?

A new dimension of thought
Moving to a more general vision of hierarchies by showing that it is inherent in our way of thinking, that flattening it causes disarray in the face of the multitude of subjects vying for priority. Need for vertical thinking to connect horizontal knowledge, specific to each discipline.

The source of the Ukrainian Big Bang
How the destruction of hierarchical power weakens anarchist democracies against autocratic ones.

Top-down and bottom-up thinking: what are the differences?
Causality is not equivalent in the two directions of vertical thinking.

Complexity explodes in neural networks
Reality as a hierarchy of levels of information, from matter to mind.

The reason relativized by Dan Sperber
An author who understood the need for a hierarchy of representations to explain the peculiarities of human reason, to make its junction with the animal, instead of reducing it to specific mental functions of our species.

Artificial intelligence (3): Is its progenitor, science, healthy?
How hierarchy locks individual conflicts into a higher organization. Example of research on artificial intelligence.

and also…

Hierarchy in ecology:
The Anthropocene in question
How to save humans from themselves?

Hierarchy and consciousness:
Awakening, consciousness, synchronization
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